Firefighting Equipment

QG Marine, Supply Firefighting Equipment of Marine Safety Euipment for 20 Years.


Breathing Apparatus: 5/6/6.8/9L SCBA(self-contained compressed breathing apparatus), 10 and 15mins EEBD(Emergency Escape Breathing Devices)

Fireman’s Outfit: Aluminized Fire Suit, Aramid Fire Suit, etc

Firefighter AccessoriesFireman Helmet, Fireman Boots, Fireman Belt, Portable Explosion Proof Lamp, Fireman’s Lifeline, Short Handled Firefighter Axe, Fireman’s Outfit Box, etc

Fire Hoses & Nozzles: Fire Hoses, Hose Couplings, Fire Hose Nozzles, Fire Hydrants, Fire Hose Cabinet. 

Fire Extinguisher: ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, AFFF Foam Fire Extinguishers, CO2 Fire Extinguishers, Portable Foam Applicator, etc.

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