Fire Extinguishers

Marine Fire Extinguisher, Foam Applicator, MED, CCS certificates

ABC Dry Powder  Fire Extinguisher is effective on Class A (carbonaceous) fire, Class B (flammable liquid) fire and Class C (flammable gas) fire. It is also suitable for use on live electrical fires.

CO2 Fire Extinguisher is one kind of water extinguisher which is used for Class A fire involving carbonaceous materials such as wood, paper and textiles by cooling the fire and removing the heat needed for combustion. Water spray rpovides better wetting action that penetrates underlying burning materials and assist in reducing heat.

AFFF Foam Fire extinguisher is effective on B class hydrocarbon fuel fires such as oil, petroleum, aviation feul, and is particularly suitable where fast knockdown is essential. It is compatible with all dry powders. Its excellent wetting characteristic make it useful in combating Class A fire as well.

Portable Foam Applicators is through suck and spray to mixed the air, water and foam to produce abundant foam, it is designed to put out the oil fire, flammable liquid fire on boiler house or machine room. And it is also could be used to put out the normal solid fire.

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