Pilot & Embarkation Ladders

Direct Manufacturer of Pilot Ladder & Embarkation Ladder in China.

Pilot Ladder is a highly specialised form of rope ladder, typically used on board cargo vessels for the purposes of embarking and disembarking pilots. The design and construction of the ladders is tightly specified by international regulation under the SOLAS regime. Wooden pilot ladder made in durable manila rope. Lower steps are fitted with rubber for increased grip and spreader for stability along the shipside.

Embarkation Ladder is produced by weatherproof material, which secure the ladder a longer endurance. Aluminium clamps guarantee a firm hold of the steps. Through the use of polyamid wedges, one can dispense with the reinforced wooden steps.

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High Quality Steps & Full Certificates

Every steps of the ladder we will check and inspected before we use. After finish the production, the ladders will be sent to official agent to do inspection and get test reported and certificates. 

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