LifeRaft Accessories

Necessary Accessories for Liferaft

The accessories for liferaft in the emergency SOALS pack: Portable buoyant bailer, Spone, Buoyant paddles, Whistle, Waterproof torch/separate battery/bulb, Signalling miior, Anti-seasickness pills, Red hand flares, Red parachute flares, Repair Kit, Bellow, First-aid Kit, Orange smoke singals, Food ration, Fresh water, Floating acnhor with 30m rope, Tin opener, Fish tackle, radar reflector, Thermal protective aids, Drinking cup, Mooring Ring with 30m rope, safety knife, Operational manual, Survival at sea – Instruction Manual, Table of the lifesaving signals, Log book, etc. 

Most of these accessories are with SOLAS certificates. 

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